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Bulgaria: Choice for people upheld

Plans to restrict the  ability to switch between the funded system and the first pillar have been dropped, Barbara Ottawa finds.

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Sofia Hristova: The major quarantee for the pension fund members will be the possibility to have a choice among investment portfolios

The Execurive director of "Allianz Bulgaria" at "Capital Daily".

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Stealing pensions

Poland`s parliament, in a move strongly opposed by the NSZZ Solidarnosc union, cut contributions to private accounts by a third, diverting that money to the public system at a cost of $2.3 billion a year.

France and Ireland were less heavy-handed, but also aimed to avoid austerity. Both siphoned public savings set aside for future years of pension payouts to the spending spigot. In Ireland`s case, they spent money citizens contributed for retirements to bail out banks, while in France`s case, to pay for underfunded current pensions.

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On May 6 and 7, 2010 in Vina del Mar, Chile, took place the International Seminar called Developing the Potential of the Individually Funded Pension Systems

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Declarations on the draft of the Argentine Government for nationalization of private pension funds

Declaration of FIAP

Compliment of the Declaration of FIAP

Declaration of the Chairman of the UAFJP, Sebastian Palla

The Bulgarian pension system

European Pensions Magazine, June 2008

Nikola Abadjiev explains why the Bulgarian pension system is moving from a period of stability to sustainable development

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Adjustments to the Chilean pension system

Pensions Observatory, March 31st, 2008
Joaquín Vial

The present government came to power with a clear mandate to make adjustments
to the pensions system.

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Pensions in Central and Eastern Europe

Slipping back into the cold
Sofia Group gives region a voice
Policy review engages Polish funds
Revising the first draft
Coping with high inflation
Widening the investment universe
Taking to custody
Diversifying asset management

In Bulgaria, the Association of Supplementary Pension Security Companies (BASPSC) celebrated on December 12, 2007 its tenth anniversary


Bulgaria’s new pensions landscape: looking over the horizon, 5 September 2007

Bulgaria has had a colourful journey from communism to the EU. It has included the assassination of a former prime minister after he reputedly fell out with a rival faction in his socialist party, the former Soviet-era communists, over a division of the privatisation spoils.

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