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On October 16th, 2012 the Financial Supervision Commission approved the minimum rate of return for the Supplementary Pension Security Funds for the period from 30 September 2010 till 29 September 2012 on an annual basis

The Financial Supervision Commission has approved a minimum yield of  0.43 % on an annual basis, resulting from the management of the Universal Pension Funds /UPF/’ assets for the preceding 24-month period, considered from 30 September 2010 till 29 September 2012, while for the same period of time the minimum yield for the Professional Pension Funds /PPF/ has been determined at  0.74 % on an annual basis.

The weighted average yield (modified weighted yield ) of UPF for the same period, calculated on an annual basis, is 3.43% and for PPF 3.74% respectively.

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