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New Service Provided by National Revenue Agency (NRA) Allows Citizens to Access their Tax and Social Security Information

According to the Social Security Code (SSC), every individual born after 31 December 1959 is obliged to participate in a supplementary pension fund. The distribution of individuals among the respective funds takes place either through a personal choice or by means of an administrative distribution in the event a fund has not been chosen.
If you have been distributed to a fund through an administrative procedure or if you participate in a fund based on your own choice, but you have forgotten which fund you have chosen, you can now make an inquiry with the National Revenue Agency (NRA).
From the beginning of 2012, all NRA offices issue personal identification codes (PIC) for accessing personal tax and social security data. Using this code, people can check the following:
- what is their social security base income, i.e. what is the amount which their employers use as basis for making social security contributions;
- supplementary mandatory pensions related data, i.e. the fund where the individual is a member
- labor contracts declared by the person’s employer to the NRA.
The personal identification code (PIC) is issued at the NRA offices by permanent address. The PIC can be obtained immediately after the application is filed, either in person or by another individual authorized by means of a notarized power of attorney.
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