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The Ministry of Finance released the January 2011 issue of the short overview of economic policy priorities and recent economic and fiscal developments in Bulgaria

As the aim of this brief is to keep all interested parties up to date with important economic indicators and policies, the January summary paper issue the latest macroeconomic and fiscal developments, concluding that:

- the economic situation in Bulgaria is steadily improving;
- proactive measures of EU funds management have been successfully implemented, leading to acceleration of projects approval, implementation and payment;
- the efforts taken in the area of fiscal governance and optimization of public spending under Bulgaria’s Excessive Deficit Procedure have been acknowledged by the European Commission in late January 2011;
- following consistent effords of the government to achieve fiscal discipline, Bulgarian government debt remains among the three lowest in the EU, registering by far the greatest decline in percent of GDP in the past decade as compared to the rest of the EU.

Recent Economic Developments, Bulgaria, January 2011

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