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New international research documents on pension funds invetsments in Infrastructure

With respect to FIAP`s specific objective To identify the measures that mitigate the effects of the financial crisis on pension systems based on individual funding through a Compared Regulations study on pension fund investment in infrastructure, FIAP recently published two documents on the  subject, prepared by BBVA Group`s Economic Research Department.
Document 1: A Balance of Pension Fund Infrastructure Investments: The Experience in Latin America
The purpose of this study is to provide a detailed account of the experience of Latin American pension funds in financing infrastructure, as a basis for reflection on potential improvements that would enable optimizing pension fund portfolios and enhancing the contribution of pension savings in the development of countries.
Document 2:  Projections of the Impact of Pension Funds on Investment in Infrastructure and Growth in Latin America
This research has several objectives: firstly, to highlight the importance of investment in infrastructure for economic growth; secondly, to underscore the need for a competitive and transparent process for implementing these investments, which must aim at efficiency and obtaining a suitable balance between private and social benefits; thirdly, to identify the potential of pension funds as a source of financial resources that can be channeled towards the development of infrastructure, and finally, to quantify the impact that the destination of these funds could have on the long-term growth projections of a country.

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