About us


It is a pleasure for me, taking advantage of our new web site, to address you on behalf of the members of the Bulgarian Association of Supplementary Pension Security Companies (BASPSC) and on my own behalf, with the purpose of presenting our activities.

This non-governmental organization was founded on 12 September 1997 on the initiative of the first voluntary pension funds established in Bulgaria in 1994-1995. Throughout its 10-year long history the BASPSC has worked consistently for the achievement of the objectives stated from the very beginning of its existence – to unite, to support, to defend, to coordinate and to represent the interests of its members in this country and beyond its boundaries; to coordinate and unite the efforts of its members in all issues of common interest regarding the supplementary pension security sector. Throughout all these years and at present the BASPSC has been one of the institutions forming the basis of the Bulgarian pension reform, namely for the creation, recognition and materialization of its main principles, philosophy and legislation.

It is a very positive fact for the BASPSC that from the very beginning of its existence it incorporates all licensed pension security companies, which accomplish supplementary pension security activities on the territory of this country. These companies are 9 at the present moment and they manage 27 supplementary mandatory and supplementary voluntary pension funds of the second and third pillars of the Bulgarian pension security system.

The unity, the joint actions, the ethical norms in the relationship among the members; the constructive and professionally reasoned dialogue with the state authorities and partners comprise some of the main features of our organization that form the basis of the results achieved. We are satisfied to report that the BASPSC is a recognized and respected Bulgarian non-governmental institution in national and international aspect, working in the pension security field.

It is our Association’s wish and aim, through the Internet site in the global net, to be useful not only to the pension security companies and their staff, but also to all institutions, organizations, specialists, researchers etc., interested in the social security issues. We wish our site to be a contemporary and widely used means for providing and receiving information, for increasing of knowledge, for exchange of opinions and experience on problems of interest not only to the experts in the industry, but to those that want to secure themselves with the supplementary pension funds.

Nowadays when Bulgaria is a member of the European Union, the BASPSC is faced with new challenges that entail new objectives. One of the most important of these objectives is to make provision for further successful development of the supplementary pension security in this country, to make popular the main principles and the philosophy as well as the results of the materialization of the present Bulgarian pension model within the frames of the European community and outside its frontiers. In the future the BASPSC will contribute even more persistently and competently to the development and to the reforming of the pension systems to the benefit of all secured individuals.

And finally, I would like to assure you that together with all my colleagues we shall devote all our efforts, knowledge and experience to make our information site not only a useful means of modern communication, but also a tool for rapid and successful integration of our activities on the European and world market as well as for the further successful solving of the social problems of the ordinary people especially in the pension security sphere.

Nikola Abadjiev, Ph.D.

Chairman of BASPSC